I understand how you feel about fnaf, tbh. I can barely think about it without getting incredibly scared and anxious and psyching myself out of sleep. Its horrible

((Haha I feel the pain friend I’m too scared to go to sleep right now because I keep looking up stuff about it hahahelp))


ø” for a late night text.

Damn aradia.

AA: and then the slenderman ate all 0f the babies


I think Aradia loves puns. She'll get into like 'pun offs' with Feferi all the time. "Watch out, Feferi, it's about to get HAIRY in here!" She says while braiding Feferi's hair. Feferi responds, "Come around HAIR where I can sea you!" Or something better than that but YEAH CUTE PALE ARAFEF AND PUNS

((PAle ARAfeF WITH PUNS IS SO IMPORTANT also imagine aradia using fish puns and feferis just like ‘hOlyY SHIT  i lOVE YOu “

Chika-Kurloz Bonnie-Crockertier Jane Foxy-Gamzee Freddy-Aradia Small notes: Kurloz's eyes flash Gamzee makes the honk noise instead of the whole scream thing. Aradia plays either her theme or I'm a boss ass bitch.

((ok but no what if aradias sound was a clock ticking that slowly got faster and faster as she got closer and closer))

((also guess whos finally watching the walkthrough for FNAF im so cool and brave))

((can someone make a FNAF mod where instead of animatronics its Aradia Megido so that I can actually play/watch it without almost crying pls and thank you))

headcanon: mod aradia kanaya and i are in a polyamorous relationship

((you mean canon


Headcanon that Aradia would periodically go back in time and stop time to mess with her friends in strange ways like pulling chairs out from under them and other dumb little pranks.

((oh my gOD ABSOLUTELY she even pulls these pranks on her own younger self to avoid suspicion and its HI LAR IOUS ))

headcanon that humanstuck Aradia is the type of woman that if she hears someone being any shade of transphobic or purposely misgender someone, she won't hesitate to pound that awful fuck into the ground with a smile on her face if she needs to.

((Oh please beating them within an inch of their life would be too sympathetic every night she’d send some ghosts to the transphobic individual’s home and at first the ghosts would just move some things around without making a scene but then slowly and slowly it starts to torture the individual person because they KNOW that there is someone in the house with them and slowly they go crazy and when they finally snap u kno that aradia is just looking in through the window GRINNING))

Headcanon: Aradia actually likes to spend time with humans. She finds their culture and antics amusing. When she can't hang out with her normal human friends, she will designate another human she doesn't know, and will stalk them for a good week.

((yeeeah YEEAAAAh she just finds human culture so interesting like ‘graveyards? you mean you put the body of the dead underground? what good would it be underground?’ ‘you have a day of the dead? oh, only some of your cultures do? how many cultures does human culture have i mean golly’ ‘who is this jesus fellow who dies and then comes back to life i relate to this jesus’))

Headcanon: Whenever it gets humid, Aradia's hair gets so puffy, she literally looks like a giant ball of black fluff with a face.

((hair so thick u could choke bitches))