I've followed your blog since, I think the second post you made. It's been really cool watching your art style change and your puns get more horrible with each post. You rock and your Aradia rocks. Keep on rockin'.

((Ahh thank you so much!! I can’t believe you had followed for so long; I definitely wouldn’t have followed a blog like this back then! Good on you, you perfect person))

tw0 m0st imp0rtant facts ab0ut ramm0m:

1. she l0ved me very, very much

2. ‘dad’ was practically a curse w0rd at the hive

yesterday was hitler and today is name pronunciation. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

((its can0n))

((everyne follow this blog theyre cute))

((mod is feelin anxiousy and is playing games to avoid the pain of reality))

((hello everyone so im going to be playing cards against humanity with a 10 person limit so if you do not get in then i apologize

password is ‘ouo’ ))

So I logged onto Tumblr and I…

— ((yeah same))

So I logged onto Tumblr and Iā€¦

— ((yeah same))

((Alright brotherhuggers I’m not answerin any more pronunciation asks because we should all know how it’s pronounced by now. Once I get to my computer, I will tag all this nonsense with “ooc” so hopefully you can avoid it. Good day to you all))

Would you consider making a tag for all your ask replies? I enjoy seeing your art a lot, but I'd prefer not to scroll through three pages of anons bein' goofballs. Thanks!

((I wish I could anon, but I can’t tag asks, deep apologies!!))

It's pronounced A-ray-dimmed-a Mega-die-dome.

((Well dimma-damn))

It's pronounced "the best character in Homestuck"

((Good job))