((ghostie nose kissies))

((only in an ideal world *DEEP SIGH*))

((Ok I’ve got 23 more kiss things to answer, I’ll try to answer them all this week))

((*says that i ship aradia with everyone*

*gets tons of asks saying ‘Do you ship Aradia and *insert homestuck character here*’*


Was it you that shipped Damara/Kankri or am I thinking of someone else? Honestly it's such a rarepair I don't see a lot of it so you'd think I'd remember but whoops I guess not.

((damkri is the fuckin best))

Okay, I know you ship Aradia with everyone, but do you ship the other Megidos with everyone?

((Not quite, since Damara and Handmaid grew up in way different environments and faced way different challenges than Aradia did, so I’d think that they’d view romance in a different way, and probably not a positive way either. So I tend to be a little more ‘protective’ over those two when it comes to certain ships. If that makes any sense.))

wait you ship aradia with everyone?

((pretty much))

I know you like arajade but how do you feel about arajane

((memeshipping Arajane is amazing I mean with jane’s pranking expertise and aradia’s time powers they’d be a couple from h ELL))

Wait even AriScratch?

((I don’t see why not